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Your "What's for Dinner?" Solution

Imagine coming home from work...

You're tired and hungry

and in just a few minutes you are enjoying

A delicious, nutritious and healthy dinner. 

The best part is, you didn't have to shop, cook, or clean up!!!

It was all done by your Personal Chef!


A Unique and Healthy Alternative


All too often our busy life-styles force us to choose fast food or tasteless frozen entrees when we would much rather enjoy the benefits of good, home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, our busy schedules leave us little time to plan or to shop for and prepare the kind of food we would like to eat. 

A Chef of Your Own, Personal Chef Service, is your "What's for Dinner?"  Solution.

Imagine coming home from work, put dinner in the oven, help the kids with their homework or just relax. You will truly enjoy the time your personal chef gives back to you. Time to focus on something other than

"What's for Dinner???"


A Chef of Your Own offers you:

*Personalized Menus

*Variety of Healthy Meals

*Meal Preparation in Your Home

*Grocery Shopping

*Freshest meats and produce


I have worked with Weight Watchers, Diabetic Patients, The Blood Type Diet, Atkins, South Beach, Sonoma Diet, Vegetarian Clients

  You deserve to relax on your vacation. A Personal Chef is more affordable than you think!


Thank you for visiting Orlando Vacation Chef, an operation of A Chef of Your Own

Linda L Page,  Chef/Owner



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